Tuesday, January 20, 2009

P.F. Chang's Rock-n-Roll Marathon Race Report: Part 1

Well, as my friend Amy would say....I did a hat trick. I finished my third marathon. I also managed to run it while battling a nasty case of strep throat. I'm pretty wiped out and drugged up at the moment, so I will have to give you all the race report in parts. I pretty much only have the energy to answer my previous post's questions. Oh, and a BIG thanks for all of your comments/encouragement. They were much appreciated. So here it goes...
Will I finish?
Will I hit the wall and not be able to push through it?
Hit the wall for the first time in my running life...at mile 22...I stood there and cried.
Will my legs cramp up?
Once...right calf at mile 5...pushed through.
Will my stomach hate me on race morning?
What if my alarm doesn't go off?
Didn't happen...woke up before the alarm.
What if I eat the wrong thing the night before?
Nope...pasta dinner.
Will I slip and fall on all the trampled water cups?
What's the air speed velocity of an unladened swallow?
Who cares? Well, besides silly English Caniggits?
What if I miss a spot with the Body Glide?
Yup...had a bloody back...major wincing and whimpering in post-race shower.
What if I miss my flight?
No problems
What if there isn't a Johnny on the Spot there when I REALLY need it?
More appropriate question: What if there isn't any toilet paper in the Johnny on the Spot when I really need it?
Will I be able to do this without Skip and The Mighty Kate?
Didn't have to...full race report to come later.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

bubba's gotta run....a REALLY long way

I have a confession to make-I'm nervous. No matter how many times I run a marathon, I will STILL be nervous before the race. Well meaning people say, "Oh, you'll do fine! You've done this before, so it's no big deal for you now!"

Ah, no.

No matter how many times someone runs a marathon, 26.2 miles is STILL a long way to run and it's STILL a big deal. There will always be that small voice in your head that questions,
"Will I finish?"
"Will I hit the wall and not be able to push through it?"
"Will my legs cramp up?"
"Will my stomach hate me on race morning?"
"What if my alarm doesn't go off?"
"What if I eat the wrong thing the night before?"
"Will I slip and fall on all the trampled water cups?"
"What's the air speed velocity of an unladened swallow?"
"What if I miss a spot with the Body Glide?"
"What if I miss my flight?"
"What if there isn't a Johnny on the Spot there when I REALLY need it?"
"Will I be able to do this without Skip and The Mighty Kate?"

Well, that last one isn't going through everyone's mind...just mine. I have an amazing group of friends who have been a great support.
They've given words of encouragement, made TEAM BETSY t-shirts, acted as roaming
photographers, cheerleaders, chauffeurs, running buddies, and human crutches. Katie even made me an amazing scrapbook about my first journey to 26.2 and has accompanied me to almost every pre-race packet pickup/expo. I kind of feel like an Oscar winner when I say that there are too many people to thank for helping and encouraging me to be the runner that I am today. For this particular race, I am feeling especially nervous about the absence of two of my Team Betsy fans-Skip and The Mighty Kate . They have been to almost EVERY major race I've run. They've been my support crew for both of my
previous marathons and one of my half marathons. Skip ran the first 8 miles, and the last 3 miles of my first marathon with me. I don't know what I would have done if he hadn't been there for those last few miles...I nearly cried when I saw him jump on the race course. They have graciously risen at the crack of dawn each race morning and chauffeured me to the start, all the while providing endless smiles, cheers, and hugs of encouragement (and Kate HATES to hug).

Logic tells me: I KNOW I can do this.

I have put the training in for Sunday's race...I've covered 18 weeks and approximately 570 miles...so what's another 26.2?

My heart tells me: I wish I could pack Skip and Kate in my suitcase.

I don't know if I can do this without them...

Friday, January 9, 2009

tales from the hood: the end of the world

This conversation happened sometime last week, considering that it's now so cold out in STL that my nose nearly cracked off this morning during our morning run....

Andrew: AWWWWW MAN!!!! It's so warm outside! I'm definitely going to call off work today!

James: Man, this is like Florida weather, it so warm out here!

Andrew: It's not sssssssupposed to be this warm in January!


Andrew: Ya. That whwhwhwhwhat it feel like, don't it?!?!

Oreido: If it's really the end of the world........I love you man.

Andrew: Ya, 'Reido. IIIIIII love you too man.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

tales from the hood: plumbing

Andrew: (running out of the locker room in distress) Mamamamamamamamiss G!

Me: Yes, Andrew...slow down.

Andrew: Wawawawawawawhere ddddddid those mmmmmmiddle schoolers go?

Me: They went to their class, why?

Andrew: Ththththththey did something in the locker room! Can't you hear that? Wait....(holds up index finger as if to shush me so I could hear the noise).

Me: Ya. It sounds like running water.

Andrew: Ththththththey did something to that thing where our pee comes out.


Me: Do you mean the urinal?

Andrew: Yuyuyuyuyuyuyuyes! If that's what you call it?! Can I go find them and make them fix it?!

Me: No.

Andrew: (becoming increasingly agitated) Whuwhuwhuwhuwhy?

Me: Well, because I'm sure they don't know that much about plumbing Andrew. Calm down. We will just have to wait until one our male staff members gets to the gym. I will ask him to go into the locker room and check it out. I know you didn't do anything wrong Andrew. I just can't go in there and fix it for you because I can't see you naked. Remember? I'm a girl.

Andrew: Oh. Ya. IIIIIIIIIIII understand you now G. (calmly walks back into the lockeroom)

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