Friday, January 29, 2010

Hiatus: unexpected gap: a break in something where there should be continuity

So, it's been a little over a year since my last post. I know, I know, I left you high and dry without your weekly fix of disgusting pictures of bloody runners' toes, stories about my precious youngin's, and tales of my running adventures, but I have had my reasons for why I've dropped out of the blogosphere. I'm sure most aren't interested in all the details, so I will give those of you who still check my humble corner of cyberspace the low down on Bubba's absence.

I like lists, so I'll give it to ya in list style.

1. I ran the Rock-n-Roll Marathon in AZ last January.
2. I started training for the Go! STL Half Marathon...noticed my repetitive exhaustion wasn't going away.
3. I met a fantastic guy, we shall call him Mr. Bubba. He was not Hot Runner Guy*, but someone infinitely better than a sweaty random guy that I periodically ran past on the street.
4. I ran the Go! STL Half Marathon.
5. I went to the doctor and found out I had a tumor.
6. A week after the Go! STL Half Marathon, I ran the Kentucky Derby Half Marathon.
7. I got a new doctor and scheduled surgery for the end of the school year to remove the tumor.
8. My energy quickly declined and was forced to decrease my running.
9. I had surgery to remove the tumor.

10. I got engaged!
11. I took several months to recover from surgery and I started running again...had to start all over from square one.
12. I got married!
13. I registered for my comeback race: Go! STL Half Marathon 2010.
14. I returned to blogging.

The End.

*Hot Runner Guy has since been identified by Kate's husband as someone they went to high school with...Hot Runner Guy now has a name, which made stalking him much less fun.


Patrick Albert said...

Welcome Back Van Keulen!

Kate Johnston said...

Yay!! Hiya Bets!!

Katie said...

YEA!!! I've missed bubba... but not as much as I've missed you. Seriously, you, me, dinner.

Betsy said...

Action packed recap!

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