Tuesday, March 4, 2008

hot runner guy

There is a guy who runs a lot in Cville. Kate discovered him....and named him. We call him Hot Runner Guy. He first appeared in the summer of 2007 (as far as I know). Kate had the idea that every time we see him, that we pray for his wife.....which is, in fact, me (at least in my head).

One time, Katie and I were driving on Beltline and saw Hot Runner Guy. I was in mid-conversation and just shouted "HOT RUNNER GUY!!!" I frantically texted Kate that there was an official Hot Runner Guy sighting. And so, the tradition begins....we broadcast Hot Runner Guy run-ins (literally) whenever they occur. His wife is prayed for often.

He is quite the dedicated runner. I have yet to "run" into him on my local running routes. You would think that we would eventually cross paths considering the sheer amount of miles we both put in around town. Sigh, alas I have yet to have an official in-person run-in with Hot Runner Guy. Of course, when I do, he will become instantly drawn to me and will do a 180 degree turn and decide to run with me. I will discover that he is a Godly man who is 30-something, funny, single, employed, and is looking for a short, chubby, cute and endearing, slightly quirky, Godly woman (that he has seen on occasion and secretly calls "Hot Runner Girl"). I, of course, will look FABULOUS and not sweaty or gross at all.

And Hot Runner Guy and Hot Runner Girl (me) lived happily ever after......


Kate said...

i've actually changed my prayer for Hot Runner Guy. instead of praying for his wife i pray that the weather gets warm again and that i'll get to see him with no shirt on again. in fact, we should ALL be praying for that.

Katherine W said...

I'm sorry Kate, I'm gonna have to edit your prayer a little...

Dear God,
Please bring hot runner guy a hot runner guy friend to join him on his hot summer day runs to heterosexually run shirtless along Collinsville's streets.

thebets said...

I can live with that prayer. As long as he isn't praying the same thing about me. I don't want to revisit what happened last time I ran without a shirt...can't afford the bail money.

Johnny said...

Why do I get the feeling when you say that prayer some ugly runner guy twists his ankle somewhere to balance out the karma in the universe.

thebets said...

Ha...well maybe Ugly Runner Guy will trip and Ugly Runner Girl will stop and help him...and then they will live happily ever after too!

Katherine W said...

Lord I pray that I'm not ugly runner girl!

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